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180 Amsterdammers partner of Diwan Awards Holland


180 Amsterdammers is an official partner of Diwan Awards Holland. Diwan Awards Holland is an internationally recognized award for talented Dutch people with a Moroccan background. Diwan Awards originated in Belgium and was created in 2013 to publicly recognize and honor Belgians with a Moroccan background for his or her achievements and positive contribution to society. 

Diwan means “light” in Arabic. With Diwan Awards Holland we want to shine a positive light on those who do well in our society in the Netherlandsand and that are, at the same time, a role model for the younger generation. With Diwan Awards we want to show everyone, especially young people, that you can get far with a foreign origin in the Netherlands, whether you’ve had a tough or an easy childhood.

First edition Diwan Awards Holland

The first edition of Diwan Awards Holland aims to provide added value to the image of Dutch Moroccans as a group, but also that of individuals with a mixed background.

The Diwan Awards audience awards are divided into the following 11 categories:

  • Medicine & Health
    Award for healthcare professional of the year.
  • Advocacy & Law
    Award for legal professional of the year.
  • Technology & IT
    Award for engineers, technicians, IT person of the year.
  • Education
    Award for teacher of the year.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Award for a company or novice entrepreneur of the year.
  • Management
    Award for manager of the year.
  • Woman
    Tribute to the woman of the year which is distinguished by its actions and commitment.
  • Science
    Award for scientist of the year.
  • Foundation
    Award for association or foundation of the year.
  • Sport
    Award for sportsman and sportswoman of the year.
  • Art & Culture
  • Distinction for individual or collective artistic performance of the year.

Anyone can nominate someone that they think deserves a Diwan Award for each category at After the nomination round, three final nominees will be chosen for each category on which the public can then vote on. The winners of the different categories eventually go home with a Diwan Award.

Jury Award

The jury honors this award to a personality who has contributed to a positive image within the Dutch-Moroccan community through his or her actions. The winner of this award is determined by the jury.

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