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180 Amsterdammers book available now


On Thursday 22 December Bridgizz and YOUnite launched the book “180 Amsterdammers” at restaurant Meram in Amsterdam.

In an ever-changing world the discussion regarding multiculturalism is just around the corner. With over 180 nationalities, Amsterdam is scoring high marks on diversity. The city considers this mix as an asset. 180 Amsterdammers is a unique project with 180 portraits and interviews of as many nationalities that add flavour to the city.

180 Amsterdammers (ISBN 9789401442176) is available now, €24,99 (excl. shipment cost) in the (online) bookstore.

Order your copy now at

“With its 180 different nationalities, Amsterdam is one of the most diverse cities in the world. While no one is saying that it’s always easy to all live together, we’re managing pretty well. After all, diversity is in Amsterdam’s DNA.[…] What is then the DNA of Amsterdam? If this city were a person it would certainly have the following characteristics: curious, enterprising, stubborn, straightforward, witty, brave, rebellious and merciful. And of course, stunning. That is what is so attractive about Amsterdam.
[…] This book allows you, the reader, to look at our city through the eyes of Amsterdammers. It tells you their personal stories about love and friendship, joy and sorrow, prosperity and adversity, amazement and wonder. “For who is wise? He that learns from everyone.”
– From the preface by Mr. Eberhard van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam


“I’ve really learned that even very different people can live in harmony. We don’t need to be the same.”
– Zakya Haidari (Afghanistan)


“You have to love Amsterdam. We live in an open-air museum. During the first few months, we wanted to be together all the time, Amsterdam and me..”
– Cris Toala Olivares (Chile)

Discover the moving stories of Amsterdam’s diverse citizens in the book 180 Amsterdammers. How did they end up in Amsterdam and what have they done to make Amsterdam their home.

The 180 Amsterdammers project is an initiative of Bridgizz and YOUnite, togehter with Amsterdam Marketing, Amsterdam FM, Parool (newspaper), Jacques Koeweiden, Story Supply,, OBA (Amsterdam Public Library) and Amsterdam Museum. Other closely involved partners are: LAVA, The Jewish Cultural Quarter, 4 and 5 May Dutch Freedom Tour and The Tropenmuseum.

“I was an actor in Syria. I was a student at the arts academy and had played in TV series and films. I had a normal life, just like anyone else. You could say that I’m playing a part; my real life is more like a part in a bad film. But I don’t want to look at it that way. I want to look forward to my future and what I can do here. I have no future in Syria.”
– Arabi Ghibeh (Syria)


“I’ve lived in De Pijp for 18 years and really like it here. My wife often says about me, “He’ll talk to anyone”. I just enjoy knowing how the Chinese neighbour is getting on.”
– Naleye Sultan Buddista (Cambodia)


“I appreciate the directness of Amsterdammers. At first I had to get used to it, because the honesty would sometimes be quite a shock. However, now I’m also a lot more direct and honest and feel a little bit like an Amsterdammer myself.”
– Judith Toothe Huijnen (Bahamas)


“In Amsterdam there is a good relationship between the cultures. Whether you are Muslim, Buddhist or Protestant, there’s always a sense of community. They don’t have that in Africa.”
– Monan Eraste Tou (Côte d’Ivoire)

180 Amsterdammers (ISBN 9789401442176) is available now, €24,99 (excl. shipment cost) in the (online) bookstore.

Order your copy now at


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