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180 Amsterdammers Past And Future Events

180 Amsterdammers Past and Future Events

With our 180 Amsterdammers project we celebrate the diversity of Amsterdam and it’s citizens. In the past few weeks there have been several events that have been inspiring and eye opening to participants.

A few highlights

Face It: Speeddating with 180 Amsterdammers

The project ‘’180 Amsterdammers’’ wants to creatively point out the diversity of Amsterdam. As part of the exhibition ” Face it! First impressions count” the Jewish Historical Museum hosted a speed dating event: How prejudiced are you about your fellow citizens? And what prejudices do they actually have about you? On the day there were multiple speed dating shifts interspersed with music and poetry.

On the day 180 Amsterdammers that were part of the project joined in the speed dating sessions. Participants on the day were ethusiastic and inspired by the conversations.

The exhibition, Face it! First Impressions Count, can be visited till 16 April 2017.

Exhibition 180 Amsterdammers OBA

After  180 Amsterdammers of 180 different nationalities were photographed and filmed, OBA created the 180 Amsterdammers exhibition, which focuses on their life stories. In this special exhibition, Amsterdammers from different countries tell us about life in the city, and at the same time revisit memories from their country of birth.

The exhibition also highlights Amsterdammers from the past, who, each in their own way, have left their marks. Who knew that Tuschinski theatre has a Polish origin and that Maria Montessori lived in Amsterdam? That both Ramses Shaffy and Harry Mulisch were children of immigrants?

The exhibition can be viewed till 28 February 2017.

180 Amsterdammers Silent Disco

On 23 February OBA held a silent disco where people were invited to Come and dance and show off their best dance moves on music from 180 different countries.

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Upcoming events

In the next few months we will have a few more events geared around the 180 Amsterdammers project.

  • Diwan Awards Holland
    In the first edition of Diwan Awards Holland we will be celebrating Dutch Morrocans in the Netherlands and their achievements.
  • Inspire Up
    Inspiring entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to think big.

And many more…


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