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Bridgizz en Ciano launch SayAlo

Published on: 07 Oct, 2011  |   Author: webmaster


Bridgizz and Ciano do the marketing and communication for a new telecom service SayAlo, focusing on the market for international calls.

The British company Core International has approached Brdigizz and Ciano to help them launch the product in The Netherlands. SayAlo is the Dutch version of the successful British service Dial-a-code.

Bridgizz and Ciano have years of experience in promoting telecom services and know how to deal with the complexity of the diversity of the customers in the Netherlands.

The service is offered through the network of Vodafone. SayAlo offers only prepaid SIM cards. With a prepaid SIM cards should be keyed to a code, before running the appropriate number abroad.
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