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Bridgizz Partner Jacques Koeweiden inducted in ADCN hall of fame

Jacques Koeweiden ADCN

ACDN reports:

On Thursday December 1st, graphic designers Jacques Koeweiden and Paul Postma were inducted in the ADCN Hall of Fame. In the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the duo was ceremonially honored for their exceptional creative contributions to the development of advertising and design in the Netherlands. During the ceremony the best of their work in design was displayed.

Richard van der Laken, ADCN co-president:
“For decades Jacques and Paul have been trend-setting in a profession that has radically changed over the past 20 years: graphic design. To this day, they are simultaneously young revolutionists and refined old-timers. The contribution of J&P can hardly be underestimated. Creation is always front and center, whether it pertains to big commercial corporate assignments or small cultural niche projects. With that they are an example for young and old. Additionally, they have always asserted themselves in the (inter)national discourse around the graphic design profession. The historic conference series Mind The Gap is perhaps the most iconic example of this. They have always had a great sense of zeitgeist.”

“The wonderful combination of the two gentlemen has also played a big part in that, I think. The freak Jacques with the opportunist Paul. The graphic intellect of J. and the motion graphic skills from P. and their rare mutual thirst for design. For me personally their most influential work is the poster from Sam Shepard, I was still at the academy then. Again, it was a combination of esthetics and drama, photography, ingeniously constructed typography and press techniques that really made me fall from my chair. I had never seen anything like it. Renowned worldwide.”

Jacques Koeweiden en Paul Postma:
“True creativity (in design) are the solutions that surpass design, and in the process breach the boundaries of the profession. The essence of our design craft is playful, clear, substantive, esthetic. All this with a tea spoon of anarchy.”

Robert Nakata, ADCN Board member, Founder & Design Director, 72andSunny:
“Jacques’ and Paul’s work exemplifies the best qualities of what I know of Dutch Design – a respect for functionality coupled with exuberance and irreverence. But with, critically, their own individual perspectives.”

“I admired their courage to take their design sensibilities – honed with smaller, cultural clients – to larger organizations and, in turn, a broader, less design-sensitive audience: this is a challenge for any designer. And while they might have had varying success, their overall impact was significant.”

Joris van Elk, Independent Creative Director & ADCN Board Member
“Jacques and Paul redefine the concept intellectual freedom, because everything they make has been thought about thoroughly, almost to an obsessive extent. If they make a house style based on the paint brushes of Vincent van Gogh, they study, analyze and fillet countless paintings of van Gogh to the micro millimeter to arrive at the perfect harmony. In all appearances that follow from that house style afterwards. And although hours of burly labor go into it, the work doesn’t become rigid. It doesn’t make the eventual design into a forceful straight-jacket from which there is no escape. It makes it more free, more playful and frivolous.

Look at the old house style of hazazaH. Why that dog? What that limitation in colors? Why that name mirrored? Why? Because. Because Jacques and Paul have thought about this for hours. Frolicking around with it until something playful arises. Just as they have been able to redefine intellectual freedom, in the most beautiful, clever and playful way imaginable.”

Nikki Gonnissen, Director and designer at Thonik / International President Alliance Graphique Internationale:
“The designs from Jacques and Paul have always been an inspiration for me in their simplicity, power and playfulness. The two gentlemen love the profession and represent the international perspective, Jacques underscores this with his presidency at AGI NL. He is constantly scouting new talent and brings them into contact with top designers in the world through AGI.”

A Career in Design

Jacques Koeweiden and Paul Postma co-founded the influential design bureau Koeweiden Postma. In 1987 they started working for various clients in theater, film and art. In the early Nineties the studio was successful working for, among others, the Photographers Association of The Netherlands (PANL), the famous night club “Roxy,” Toneelgroep Amsterdam and BNA (Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architecten). They initiated the bi-annual Mind the Gap festival – centering the new role of design – and worked for big brands such as Nike, HEMA, Dutchtone and Versatel. In addition they made the visual identity for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The duo received countless Dutch and international awards for their work, among which ADCN Lamps, D&AD Pencils, Dutch Design Awards, European Design Awards and awards from the Art Directors Clubs and Type Directors Clubs New York and Tokyo. Since recent years Jacques and Paul both have their own design studios. Studio Jacques Koeweiden is focused on brand identity and design, and Postma Motion Design is specialized in motion graphics. Jacques and Paul still work together on a project basis, among others for ADCN and Veld Tulpenwodka.

The ADCN Hall of Fame recognizes and honors creative leaders whose life’s work reflects and inspires creative excellence. Every year the newest Hall of Fame laureates are presented during the ADCN Annual Vernissage. Other members of the ADCN Hall of Fame include designers Christian Borstlap, Max Kisman and Dick Bruna, film makers Diederick Koopal, Johan Kramer and Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., and advertising creatives Erik Kessels, Hans van Walbeek and Alvaro Sotomayor.

Read the full article on the ADCN website

Bridgizz and Jacques Koeweiden

Bridgizz and Jacques Koeweiden have been partners for many years. Nex to designing the Bridgizz logo, Jacques is responsible for the designs for projects such as, Ngagement, Toenkomst, Ramadan Festival and more recently 180Amsterdammers. Together with Bridgizz Jacques was also involved in several projects in Dubai, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

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