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Notweg 32 ● 1068 LL Amsterdam

Cross-border entrepreneurship

Fitting ventures together

Bridgizz is at home in the Netherlands, but knows the way and have an extended network in the MENA region (Middle East, Africa), US and the rest of Europe. We like to connect, create networks, introduce knowledge and skills where it accelerates. Bridgizz has launched different projects arond the globe, including the Ramadan Festival in London, Belgium, Switzerland and Stavanger (Norway). More countries followed in years and translated the concept for similar impact.

We guide and organise different TV and film productions in Morocco! We advise the Moroccan holding company YNNA in the field of rebranding, marketing and communication. We advice the Government of Dubai on setting up an integration and social agenda for its diverse communities.

Such diverse experiences provide a large and valuable network and added knowledge about diversity.
For our global projects we use our diverse knowledge and expertise. 

Building a Local Design and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Entrepreneurs face challenges everyday and nobody is born with the inherent knowledge needed to make their startup or business successful. For an ecosystem to thrive, entrepreneurs need barriers reduced. They need to know what resources exists and where to find them. Bridgizz help communities, governments, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in building entrepreneurship ecosystems, to create build one through the following activities:

  1. Platform for knowledge and resource sharing for startup and entrepreneurship mechanics, and technical guides.
  2. Environmental “weirdness” that inspires acceptance of all ideas and thus encourages freedom to innovate and create. .
  3. Reliable and passionate technical and non-technical talent to execute on such ideas.
  4. Mentors who actively contribute time, energy and wisdom to startups and key players within the eco-system. .
  5. A global perspective, to inspire each key member of the eco-system to think big..
  6. Intentionality in establishing and maintaining a strong sense of individual, and collective impact.
  7. Non-hierarchical. Anyone with good intentions can create and lead initiatives within the eco-system without needing to seek approval or go through a lot of red tapes.
  8. High visibility of successful startups from within our eco-system to inspire and attract others.
  9. Constant iteration that it is ok to fail, motivation to share and collectively learn from that failure and support .
  10. Continuous engagement of the entire eco-system (entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, employees of startups, service providers to startups, and anyone else who wants to be involved) through activities.
  11. Evolution of the eco-system through implementation of mechanisms that continuously keep key players in the community.
  12. Create an evolving but successful capital pipeline.
  13. Establish sharing economy models.

Together with us we can create your ecosystem.