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Inculsion Leadership & Impact

Many companies pretend to be an advocate of diversity and inclusion, but I doubt if they have a lot of impact. Many of them operate very superficially. They only deal with diversity items that are currently trendy or colorful, for example like waving the rainbow flag is now but not really connecting with their real audience. It is of course good to show they support their audience but to really reach someone, you need to dig deeper. With just a pretty picture/flag you won’t connect with anyone.

That’s why I love the approach of Golden Motus. They want to reach all the different (minority) target groups in depth, hence the personal approach per target group. With their activities they show that within every target group there is a wide range of role models.

Every audience is different and requires a different approach. A role model is someone close to you, someone you can identify with. The aim and the ideas of Golden Motus are therefore “global”, the approach is often “local and” hyperlocal “, in order to achieve the most impact.

So join the Golden Motus movement and nominate your heroes 😉

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