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Ramadan Festival 2008 posters


The posters for the fourth edition of the Ramadan Festival take the logo-icon of a Muslim family as a starting point to show that the festival of encounter isn’t meant for Muslims only, but for everyone.

The Ramadan Festival uses the Muslim fasting month as an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to get together.

People from different backgrounds get to know each other better during joint iftars (evening fast-breaking meals), lectures, discussions, performances and parties.
Since its first edition in Amsterdam in 2005 the Ramadan Festival has grown very quickly. In 2007 the festival was held in 40 cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switserland. The positive impact of the festivals formula on integration and the establishment of sustainable encounters has been recognized in other countries as well. This year Stavanger (Norway) and London will present the first edition of the Ramadan Festival International.

The visual identity for the Ramadan Festival as well as these posters were developed by Koeweiden Postma.



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