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Inclusive Leadership Summit

This signature workshop of GMF’s Paris-Based Inclusive Leadership Hub convened annually diverse  GMF alumni as well as French stakeholders to engage on state of the art practices for inclusive leadership.

From September 27-28, the inaugural workshop brought together those in GMF’s smart power network who create and shape pathways for emerging talent of diverse backgrounds to advance across sectors. Organized over two days of knowledge sharing and co-creation, this summit leaded to enhanced connectivity and collaboration across Europe and the United States. The workshop took place in the George C. Marshall Center of the United States Embassy in Paris, France and other venues.

Participants have left the workshop with:

  • Strategies to maximize the influence of leadership networks;
  • Approaches to grow, sustain, and plan succession of networks;
  • Opportunities to bridge networks and strengthen social capital

The Inclusive Leadership Summit is exclusive to GMF alumni, including those from the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, Manfred Wörner Seminar, Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network, Transatlantic Forum for Migration and Integration, Asmus Policy Entrepreneurs Fellowship, APSA Congressional Fellowship, and New Länder Fellowship.

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