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Notweg 32 ● 1068 LL Amsterdam

Eat to Meet with 180 Amsterdammers

Eat to Meet is a dinner where (new) Amsterdammers can meet each other. The last couple of years Amsterdam has welcomed many new residents. With over 180 nationalities, Amsterdam is scoring high marks on diversity. This edition of Eat to Meet collaborates with the project of 180 Amsterdammers, that shows 180 stories about the 180 nationalities of Amsterdam. (New) Amsterdammers eat and meet each other to talk about the inclusive city. Everyone is welcome!

Food connects

The newcomers in our country bring all kinds of talents, knowledge, and skills. The wish and the skills to build a new life are often there, but what’s often missing is a network. This is where the locals come in; they have the opportunity to enrich and share their network on this evening.

Good to know

  • Dinner is based on donation for newcomers, locals pay €20. Ticket includes a three-course meal, live music and a contribution to the travel expenses of newcomers.
  • Registration goes via a pre-sale ticketing system. Hit the yellow button and select your ticket.
  • We strive for an equal participation of locals and new Amsterdammers.
  • We organize this event on a regular basis, so you will be sure of a seat at our dinner table next time.

180 Amsterdammers

How did Amsterdam become home to 180 nationalities? With over 180 ethnic groups, Amsterdam is scoring high marks on diversity. Is that something to be proud of? The project 180 Amsterdammers shows 180 stories of 180 nationalities in Amsterdam. With 180 nationalities, Amsterdam today reflects its past. You see the most obvious modern-day form of the city’s storied openness in places like the Dappermarkt, in Amsterdam East, which is sometimes called the best open-air market in the Netherlands. There is a babble of languages. Buyers, sellers, and products come from Suriname, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Poland.

Live Music by Orchestre Partout

Every Eat to Meet we are fortunate to have the band Orchestre Partout play for us. Orchestre Partout consists out of (former) refugees and Dutch people. The band plays world music and sings in Farsi, French, Uygur, Arabic, Urdu, Burmese, and Lingala. If you are a musician and would like to participate, feel welcome to bring your instrument and share your talent with us.

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