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Intercultural Communication

A network of cultures

A good story remains anchored in the minds of people: Your customers and your target group. Bridgizz ensures that the story about your business, event or brand is remembered, retold, and sometimes even win prizes. We’ll help you tell the story about your product so that your audience stays on the edge of their seats. We do that with intelligent and innovative communication strategies. Develop resources that support your goal effectively .

Bridgizz manages to reach customers, even non-Dutch or even if Dutch is not their first language. Even if your customer is wearing tarboesj or a yarmulke, a turban or nothing on the head. We talk one-to-one with people, or create (big) events for different target groups with different cultural backgrounds. Well and effective communication is at all times a prerequisite.

No matter who your target audience is, Bridgizz gives you practical tools and provides access to a network of organizations and individuals at home and abroad as well. We help you level with your audience. This creates a balanced dialogue, which ‘they’ can become ‘one of us.

The Diversity expertise of Bridgizz offers many advantages. Our knowledge and skills in Design and Media support your successful communication or marketing campaign.