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Leadership Development

The Future is a safe and creative place to explore change and equip people to think quite differently, even though understanding the Future may at first appear to be immensely challenging. Bridgizz Leadership Development programmes expose existing and potential leaders to the skills they need to navigate the Future and make informed decisions now – for their organisations, their people and themselves.

Our programmes are geared to meet three emerging and important needs identified by innovative organisations:

– To explore and better understand the forces shaping change in the future
– To equip leaders with the skills to anticipate and take advantage of these changes
– To increase the agility and sensitivity of organisations to the external world

Tailored Training Courses

Our tailored programmes are designed to address the business issues of individual organisations and typically run from one to three days, sometimes as a module to set a creative and lively tone early in an in-house Leadership Development programme. They often include Bridgizz approach to highlight the complexity and uncertainty of external developments facing organisations today, before applying outside-in thinking to make sense of these externalities for the organisation.

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